Sabtu, 01 November 2014

How To Combine The Top Ranking System To Ensure #1 Ranking Again and again, never rely on a single type of link, not even just on your own powerful blog network links. So just take these links as something that helps to massively boost and consolidate your top ranking, and this can be easily done by combining the strong blog network links with the powerful Top Ranking System.Ndir Laptops Basically, the idea is to point your high PR blog network links as well as the links from Top Ranking System to your money site, while treating your high PR blogs (and all the links) as if your money site. (Things will get clearer soon) HOWEVER, in this campaign, you are not using the Top Ranking System for just 1 page. Instead, you are going to put all your high PR links into the Top Ranking System, while the Tier2 links of the Top Ranking System will also become Tier1 links to your high PR blog links. (Don’t worry, things will get clearer soon) So to sum up, you’ll be running 2 Top Ranking System campaigns simultaneously – One points directly to your money site, while another one points to all your high PR links (and with a little tweak).ndir product review Before starting the process, I highly recommend you to equip yourself with a SEO tool that would constantly build links to your high PR blogs in order to take full advantage of the high PR links by boosting all them up.

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